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Short teasers for the Video-Book format of The Beasts of Electra Drive by Rohan Quine

Short teasers for the Video-Book format of
The Beasts of Electra Drive by Rohan Quine

Here below are links to a buffet of short-’n’-snackable video teasers, some of them less than a minute long, excerpted from The Beasts of Electra Drive’s video-book format.


From Hollywood Hills mansions and Century City towers, to South Central motels and the oceanside refinery, The Beasts of Electra Drive by Rohan Quine spans a mythic L.A., following seven spectacular characters (or Beasts) from games designer Jaymi’s game-worlds. The intensity of those Beasts’ creation cycles leads to their release into real life in seemingly human forms, and to their combative protection of him from destructive rivals at mainstream company Bang Dead Games. Grand spaces of beauty interlock with narrow rooms of terror, both in the real world and in the incorporeal world of cyberspace. A prequel to Quine’s other five tales, The Beasts of Electra Drive is a unique explosion of glamour and beauty, horror and enchantment, exploring the mechanisms and magic of creativity itself.

THE BEASTS OF ELECTRA DRIVE (novel) by Rohan Quine - paperback full cover - literary fiction with a touch of magical realism and a dusting of horror

(If playback of any of the below videos looks at all fuzzy on YouTube, then you can quickly and easily adjust the YouTube video-player’s playback “Quality” setting, by doing the following: (1) if you’re on a mobile device, first touch the video image, then touch the three-dots symbol that appears in the top-right corner of the player, touch “Quality” and choose “1080p” (or the highest other setting available on your device, e.g. “720p”); or (2) if you’re on a laptop/desktop device, click the cog symbol on the lower edge of the video-player, click “Quality” and choose “1080p” (or the highest other setting available on your device, e.g. “720p”).)


Teaser 1(i)—woodlands at dusk—on Vimeo (0’47”)
Teaser 1(i)—woodlands at dusk—on YouTube (0’47”)

Teaser 2(i)—hot blue haze—on Vimeo (0’49”)
Teaser 2(i)—hot blue haze—on—on YouTube (0’49”)

Teaser 2(ii)—hiss-swirl-patter—on Vimeo (0’47”)
Teaser 2(ii)—hiss-swirl-patter—on YouTube (0’47”)

Teaser 3(i)—here come the Beasts—on Vimeo (1’38”)
Teaser 3(i)—here come the Beasts—on YouTube (1’38”)

Teaser 4(i)—first drone—on Vimeo (1’30”)
Teaser 4(i)—first drone—on YouTube (1’30”)

Teaser 6(i)—first three Beasts—on Vimeo (1’52”)
Teaser 6(i)—first three Beasts—on YouTube (1’52”)

Teaser 9(i)—opossum skunk fox—on Vimeo (1’12”)
Teaser 9(i)—opossum skunk fox—on YouTube (1’12”)

Teaser 9(ii)—bank of controls—on Vimeo (1’28”)
Teaser 9(ii)—bank of controls—on YouTube (1’28”)

Teaser 12(i)—dark submarine—on Vimeo (0’33”)
Teaser 12(i)—dark submarine—on YouTube (0’33”)

Teaser 14(i)—a low susurration—on Vimeo (1’09”)
Teaser 14(i)—a low susurration—on YouTube (1’09”)


Teaser 17(i)—Gal Score—on Vimeo (1’37”)
Teaser 17(i)—Gal Score—on YouTube (1’37”)

Teaser 17(ii)—marzipan fruit—on Vimeo (1’13”)
Teaser 17(ii)—marzipan fruit—on YouTube (1’13”)

Teaser 18(i)—colonnaded passage—on Vimeo (1’58”)
Teaser 18(i)—colonnaded passage—on YouTube (1’58”)

Teaser 22(i)—up the drainpipe—on Vimeo (1’12”)
Teaser 22(i)—up the drainpipe—on YouTube (1’12”)

Teaser 24(i)—motel by LAX—on Vimeo (1’09”)
Teaser 24(i)—motel by LAX—on YouTube (1’09”)

Teaser 25(i)—oh girl—on Vimeo (0’53”)
Teaser 25(i)—oh girl—on YouTube (0’53”)

Teaser 26(i)—trembling cigarette—on Vimeo (1’46”)
Teaser 26(i)—trembling cigarette—on YouTube (1’46”)

Teaser 28(i)—sonorous bellow—on Vimeo (1’29”)
Teaser 28(i)—sonorous bellow—on YouTube (1’29”)

Teaser 29(i)—Galaxy Way—on Vimeo (1’11”)
Teaser 29(i)—Galaxy Way—on YouTube (1’11”)

Teaser 30(i)—timeless timepieces—on Vimeo (0’57”)
Teaser 30(i)—timeless timepieces—on YouTube (0’57”)

Teaser 30(ii)—mountainfish—on Vimeo (1’53”)
Teaser 30(ii)—mountainfish—on YouTube (1’53”)

Teaser 32(i)—Evelyn’s seven tracks—on Vimeo (2’42”)
Teaser 32(i)—Evelyn’s seven tracks—on YouTube (2’42”)

Teaser 33(i)—child-like wave—on Vimeo (1’00”)
Teaser 33(i)—child-like wave—on YouTube (1’00”)

Teaser 34(i)—desert border town—on Vimeo (1’21”)
Teaser 34(i)—desert border town—on YouTube (1’21”)

Teaser 35(i)—mezzanine perception—on Vimeo (1’17”)
Teaser 35(i)—mezzanine perception—on YouTube (1’17”)

Teaser 35(ii)—Death and Evelyn—on Vimeo (1’31”)
Teaser 35(ii)—Death and Evelyn—on YouTube (1’31”)


Teaser 37(i)—favourite creature angelfish—on Vimeo (1’33”)
Teaser 37(i)—favourite creature angelfish—on YouTube (1’33”)

Teaser 38(i)—multi-CCTV’d cascade—on Vimeo (1’16”)
Teaser 38(i)—multi-CCTV’d cascade—on YouTube (1’16”)

Teaser 39(i)—a doorman’s ear—on Vimeo (1’48”)
Teaser 39(i)—a doorman’s ear—on YouTube (1’48”)

Teaser 40(i)—door-whore—on Vimeo (1’11”)
Teaser 40(i)—door-whore—on YouTube (1’11”)

Teaser 40(ii)—Krueger appears—on Vimeo (1’46”)
Teaser 40(ii)—Krueger appears—on YouTube (1’46”)

Teaser 40(iii)—nightclub tumbleweed—on Vimeo (1’31”)
Teaser 40(iii)—nightclub tumbleweed—on YouTube (1’31”)

Teaser 40(iv)—Krueger hatches—on Vimeo (0’55”)
Teaser 40(iv)—Krueger hatches—on YouTube (0’55”)

Teaser 40(v)—nightclub ladder—on Vimeo (1’26”)
Teaser 40(v)—nightclub ladder—on YouTube (1’26”)

Teaser 42(i)—dissolute by implication—on Vimeo (2’46”)
Teaser 42(i)—dissolute by implication—on YouTube (2’46”)

Teaser 43(i)—rooting the tongue—on Vimeo (1’37”)
Teaser 43(i)—rooting the tongue—on YouTube (1’37”)

Teaser 43(ii)—staining the water—on Vimeo (1’02”)
Teaser 43(ii)—staining the water—on YouTube (1’02”)

Teaser 44(i)—Shigem’s loving light—on Vimeo (2’18”)
Teaser 44(i)—Shigem’s loving light—on YouTube (2’18”)

Teaser 45(i)—Pippa movie—on Vimeo (1’48”)
Teaser 45(i)—Pippa movie—on YouTube (1’48”)

Teaser 46(i)—boyfriend for Shigem—on Vimeo (1’19”)
Teaser 46(i)—boyfriend for Shigem—on YouTube (1’19”)

Teaser 47(i)—wax muffins—on Vimeo (1’44”)
Teaser 47(i)—wax muffins—on YouTube (1’44”)

Teaser 48(i)—Spindle Wood murderer—on Vimeo (2’14”)
Teaser 48(i)—Spindle Wood murderer—on YouTube (2’14”)

Teaser 48(ii)—unhinged performance—on Vimeo (1’44”)
Teaser 48(ii)—unhinged performance—on YouTube (1’44”)

Teaser 49(i)—glint of emerging eyes—on Vimeo (0’57”)
Teaser 49(i)—glint of emerging eyes—on YouTube (0’57”)

Teaser 49(ii)—Miracle Whip—on Vimeo (1’06”)
Teaser 49(ii)—Miracle Whip—on YouTube (1’06”)

Teaser 49(iii)—focus and dynamism—on Vimeo (1’23”)
Teaser 49(iii)—focus and dynamism—on YouTube (1’23”)

Teaser 50(i)—Do I Have To?—on Vimeo (1’25”)
Teaser 50(i)—Do I Have To?—on YouTube (1’25”)

Teaser 51(i)—unhealthy orange-ochre—on Vimeo (1’57”)
Teaser 51(i)—unhealthy orange-ochre—on YouTube (1’57”)

Teaser 52(i)—hoover the floor—on Vimeo (1’39”)
Teaser 52(i)—hoover the floor—on YouTube (1’39”)

Teaser 53(i)—behind the skin of night—on Vimeo (1’58”)
Teaser 53(i)—behind the skin of night—on YouTube (1’58”)

Teaser 53(ii)—City Bar—on Vimeo (1’55”)
Teaser 53(ii)—City Bar—on YouTube (1’55”)

Teaser 55(i)—stairwell chandeliers—on Vimeo (1’48”)
Teaser 55(i)—stairwell chandeliers—on YouTube (1’48”)

Teaser 57(i)—Jewel’s Catch One—on Vimeo (1’53”)
Teaser 57(i)—Jewel’s Catch One—on YouTube (1’53”)

Teaser 57(ii)—rain across the pool—on Vimeo (1’54”)
Teaser 57(ii)—rain across the pool—on YouTube (1’54”)

Teaser 58(i)—girly chat—on Vimeo (1’09”)
Teaser 58(i)—girly chat—on YouTube (1’09”)

Teaser 58(ii)—straightening out Shigem—on Vimeo (1’42”)
Teaser 58(ii)—straightening out Shigem—on YouTube (1’42”)

Teaser 58(iii)—Hoeryong—on Vimeo (1’49”)
Teaser 58(iii)—Hoeryong—on YouTube (1’49”)

Teaser 60(i)—standard-issue sadness—on Vimeo (1’38”)
Teaser 60(i)—standard-issue sadness—on YouTube (1’38”)

Teaser 61(i)—Clytemnestra—on Vimeo (1’07”)
Teaser 61(i)—Clytemnestra—on YouTube (1’07”)

Teaser 62(i)—Dud on motel walkway—on Vimeo (1’17”)
Teaser 62(i)—Dud on motel walkway—on YouTube (1’17”)

Teaser 62(ii)—pig’s ribcage—on Vimeo (1’07”)
Teaser 62(ii)—pig’s ribcage—on YouTube (1’07”)

Teaser 65(i)—magical bird—on Vimeo (1’22”)
Teaser 65(i)—magical bird—on YouTube (1’22”)

Teaser 65(ii)—bellowing cow—on Vimeo (1’23”)
Teaser 65(ii)—bellowing cow—on YouTube (1’23”)

Teaser 66(i)—second drone—on Vimeo (1’44”)
Teaser 66(i)—second drone—on YouTube (1’44”)

Teaser 66(ii)—dead monkey-arms—on Vimeo (1’52”)
Teaser 66(ii)—dead monkey-arms—on YouTube (1’52”)


Teaser 67(i)—dance-floor as cat-walk—on Vimeo (1’34”)
Teaser 67(i)—dance-floor as cat-walk—on YouTube (1’34”)

Teaser 68(i)—white-blonde flavour—on Vimeo (1’34”)
Teaser 68(i)—white-blonde flavour—on YouTube (1’34”)

Teaser 68(ii)—the secret monkey—on Vimeo (1’51”)
Teaser 68(ii)—the secret monkey—on YouTube (1’51”)

Teaser 68(iii)—Pacific Coast Highway—on Vimeo (1’28”)
Teaser 68(iii)—Pacific Coast Highway—on YouTube (1’28”)

Teaser 68(iv)—where the big music plays—on Vimeo (0’57”)
Teaser 68(iv)—where the big music plays—on YouTube (0’57”)

Teaser 69(i)—Rust Belt heartland—on Vimeo (1’24”)
Teaser 69(i)—Rust Belt heartland—on YouTube (1’24”)

Teaser 69(ii)—sky hangs spongy—on Vimeo (0’58”)
Teaser 69(ii)—sky hangs spongy—on YouTube (0’58”)

Teaser 71(i)—smooth black silk—on Vimeo (1’15”)
Teaser 71(i)—smooth black silk—on YouTube (1’15”)

Teaser 71(ii)—I see you—on Vimeo (1’30”)
Teaser 71(ii)—I see you—on YouTube (1’30”)

Teaser 71(iii)—ghost in machine—on Vimeo (1’07”)
Teaser 71(iii)—ghost in machine—on YouTube (1’07”)

Teaser 73(i)—that subtle sheen—on Vimeo (0’45”)
Teaser 73(i)—that subtle sheen—on YouTube (0’45”)

Teaser 73(ii)—round brown windows—on Vimeo (2’09”)
Teaser 73(ii)—round brown windows—on YouTube (2’09”)

Teaser 73(iii)—blow-torch or switchblade—on Vimeo (0’48”)
Teaser 73(iii)—blow-torch or switchblade—on YouTube (0’48”)

Teaser 74(i)—American Perpendicular—on Vimeo (1’13”)
Teaser 74(i)—American Perpendicular—on YouTube (1’13”)

Teaser 74(ii)—barrels and hides—on Vimeo (1’21”)
Teaser 74(ii)—barrels and hides—on YouTube (1’21”)

Teaser 75(i)—Evelyn’s open-top cars—on Vimeo (0’52”)
Teaser 75(i)—Evelyn’s open-top cars—on YouTube (0’52”)

Teaser 76(i)—power and enormous love—on Vimeo (1’26”)
Teaser 76(i)—power and enormous love—on YouTube (1’26”)

Teaser 76(ii)—sun-pillars—on Vimeo (2’06”)
Teaser 76(ii)—sun-pillars—on YouTube (2’06”)

Teaser 76(iii)—pink noise—on Vimeo (1’45”)
Teaser 76(iii)—pink noise—on YouTube (1’45”)

Teaser 77(i)—Violet Street—on Vimeo (1’35”)
Teaser 77(i)—Violet Street—on YouTube (1’35”)

Teaser 78(i)—cultural atom bomb—on Vimeo (2’33”)
Teaser 78(i)—cultural atom bomb—on YouTube (2’33”)

Teaser 79(i)—storm-drain blow-torched—on Vimeo (2’18”)
Teaser 79(i)—storm-drain blow-torched—on YouTube (2’18”)

Teaser 80(i)—lambent alien flame-like—on Vimeo (0’45”)
Teaser 80(i)—lambent alien flame-like—on YouTube (0’45”)

Teaser 80(ii)—Girl at railing—on Vimeo (1’55”)
Teaser 80(ii)—Girl at railing—on YouTube (1’55”)

Teaser 80(iii)—pair of mineral eyes—on Vimeo (1’28”)
Teaser 80(iii)—pair of mineral eyes—on YouTube (1’28”)

Teaser 80(iv)—printed in reverse—on Vimeo (1’31”)
Teaser 80(iv)—printed in reverse—on YouTube (1’31”)

Teaser 82(i)—a beautiful ghost—on Vimeo (1’55”)
Teaser 82(i)—a beautiful ghost—on YouTube (1’55”)

Teaser 82(ii)—billboards in space—on Vimeo (1’38”)
Teaser 82(ii)—billboards in space—on YouTube (1’38”)

Teaser 83(i)—advertising agency—on Vimeo (1’28”)
Teaser 83(i)—advertising agency—on YouTube (1’28”)

Teaser 85(i)—cheap plastic gnome—on Vimeo (1’32”)
Teaser 85(i)—cheap plastic gnome—on YouTube (1’32”)


Teaser 87(i)—waving of flower-heads—on Vimeo (1’47”)
Teaser 87(i)—waving of flower-heads—on YouTube (1’47”)

Teaser 87(ii)—a whisky horizon—on Vimeo (1’54”)
Teaser 87(ii)—a whisky horizon—on YouTube (1’54”)

Teaser 87(iii)—ethereal and carnal—on Vimeo (1’01”)
Teaser 87(iii)—ethereal and carnal—on YouTube (1’01”)

Teaser 89(i)—cancelled in committee—on Vimeo (1’30”)
Teaser 89(i)—cancelled in committee—on YouTube (1’30”)

Teaser 89(ii)—Belle Glade—on Vimeo (1’26”)
Teaser 89(ii)—Belle Glade—on YouTube (1’26”)

Teaser 89(iii)—smash-and-grabs—on Vimeo (1’53”)
Teaser 89(iii)—smash-and-grabs—on YouTube (1’53”)

Teaser 90(i)—flight of ten steps—on Vimeo (1’17”)
Teaser 90(i)—flight of ten steps—on YouTube (1’17”)

Teaser 90(ii)—blonde seriousness—on Vimeo (0’58”)
Teaser 90(ii)—blonde seriousness—on YouTube (0’58”)

Teaser 90(iii)—cheeks burning—on Vimeo (1’42”)
Teaser 90(iii)—cheeks burning—on YouTube (1’42”)

Teaser 91(i)—sad prison-song—on Vimeo (1’02”)
Teaser 91(i)—sad prison-song—on YouTube (1’02”)

Teaser 91(ii)—packed-earth tunnel—on Vimeo (1’18”)
Teaser 91(ii)—packed-earth tunnel—on YouTube (1’18”)

Teaser 91(iii)—gives him an ear—on Vimeo (1’16”)
Teaser 91(iii)—gives him an ear—on YouTube (1’16”)

Teaser 92(i)—horror-movie door-hinge—on Vimeo (1’37”)
Teaser 92(i)—horror-movie door-hinge—on YouTube (1’37”)

Teaser 92(ii)—another horrific expression—on Vimeo (1’09”)
Teaser 92(ii)—another horrific expression—on YouTube (1’09”)

Teaser 94(i)—dragon with scorpion’s sting—on Vimeo (2’41”)
Teaser 94(i)—dragon with scorpion’s sting—on YouTube (2’41”)

Teaser 94(ii)—those killer eyes—on Vimeo (2’22”)
Teaser 94(ii)—those killer eyes—on YouTube (2’22”)

Teaser 94(iii)—picturesque crucifixion—on Vimeo (0’58”)
Teaser 94(iii)—picturesque crucifixion—on YouTube (0’58”)

Teaser 95(i)—little silver crucifix—on Vimeo (1’49”)
Teaser 95(i)—little silver crucifix—on YouTube (1’49”)

Teaser 95(ii)—big golden crucifix—on Vimeo (1’43”)
Teaser 95(ii)—big golden crucifix—on YouTube (1’43”)

Teaser 95(iii)—he’s delicate and cruel—on Vimeo (1’49”)
Teaser 95(iii)—he’s delicate and cruel—on YouTube (1’49”)

Teaser 96(i)—more louvred lights—on Vimeo (1’25”)
Teaser 96(i)—more louvred lights—on YouTube (1’25”)

Teaser 96(ii)—reality distortion field—on Vimeo (2’13”)
Teaser 96(ii)—reality distortion field—on YouTube (2’13”)

Teaser 97(i)—ramp up his anguish—on Vimeo (1’50”)
Teaser 97(i)—ramp up his anguish—on YouTube (1’50”)

Teaser 97(ii)—chefs and long pigs—on Vimeo (0’50”)
Teaser 97(ii)—chefs and long pigs—on YouTube (0’50”)

Teaser 97(iii)—Nutmeg—on Vimeo (1’49”)
Teaser 97(iii)—Nutmeg—on YouTube (1’49”)

Teaser 98(i)—Cindy Ecstasy—on Vimeo (1’38”)
Teaser 98(i)—Cindy Ecstasy—on YouTube (1’38”)

Teaser 98(ii)—a bitter jelly—on Vimeo (1’33”)
Teaser 98(ii)—a bitter jelly—on YouTube (1’33”)

Teaser 99(i)—Mr Punch—on Vimeo (1’40”)
Teaser 99(i)—Mr Punch—on YouTube (1’40”)

Teaser 100(i)—the Shrill Cows—on Vimeo (1’44”)
Teaser 100(i)—the Shrill Cows—on YouTube (1’44”)

Teaser 101(i)—stillness in Lucan—on Vimeo (1’29”)
Teaser 101(i)—stillness in Lucan—on YouTube (1’29”)

Teaser 101(ii)—empowered prison-cell—on Vimeo (1’46”)
Teaser 101(ii)—empowered prison-cell—on YouTube (1’46”)

Teaser 101(iii)—internal temperature gauges—on Vimeo (1’50”)
Teaser 101(iii)—internal temperature gauges—on YouTube (1’50”)

Teaser 102(i)—Vista Del Mar Boulevard—on Vimeo (1’38”)
Teaser 102(i)—Vista Del Mar Boulevard—on YouTube (1’38”)

Teaser 102(ii)—in the refinery—on Vimeo (2’26”)
Teaser 102(ii)—in the refinery—on YouTube (2’26”)

Teaser 103(i)—jet fuel inflow points—on Vimeo (1’19”)
Teaser 103(i)—jet fuel inflow points—on YouTube (1’19”)

Teaser 103(ii)—her real mission—on Vimeo (1’32”)
Teaser 103(ii)—her real mission—on YouTube (1’32”)

Teaser 104(i)—old man on bus—on Vimeo (1’57”)
Teaser 104(i)—old man on bus—on YouTube (1’57”)

Teaser 104(ii)—Shigem’s hiccups—on Vimeo (1’42”)
Teaser 104(ii)—Shigem’s hiccups—on YouTube (1’42”)

Teaser 104(iii)—each take an aisle—on Vimeo (1’39”)
Teaser 104(iii)—each take an aisle—on YouTube (1’39”)

Teaser 104(iv)—ironic limp-sassiness—on Vimeo (1’16”)
Teaser 104(iv)—ironic limp-sassiness—on YouTube (1’16”)

Teaser 105(i)—unlike Bertha—on Vimeo (1’43”)
Teaser 105(i)—unlike Bertha—on YouTube (1’43”)

Teaser 105(ii)—lick my fridge-handle—on Vimeo (1’46”)
Teaser 105(ii)—lick my fridge-handle—on YouTube (1’46”)

Teaser 105(iii)—incandescent pair—on Vimeo (0’58”)
Teaser 105(iii)—incandescent pair—on YouTube (0’58”)

Teaser 106(i)—crest of joy and magic—on Vimeo (1’18”)
Teaser 106(i)—crest of joy and magic—on YouTube (1’18”)


Teaser 110(i)—spindly little quail—on Vimeo (2’09”)
Teaser 110(i)—spindly little quail—on YouTube (2’09”)

Teaser 110(ii)—cinema washroom—on Vimeo (1’02”)
Teaser 110(ii)—cinema washroom—on YouTube (1’02”)

Teaser 110(iii)—miniature Versailles—on Vimeo (2’01”)
Teaser 110(iii)—miniature Versailles—on YouTube (2’01”)

Teaser 111(i)—Scorpio as Sadako—on Vimeo (2’22”)
Teaser 111(i)—Scorpio as Sadako—on YouTube (2’22”)

Teaser 112(i)—violence in Amber—on Vimeo (1’31”)
Teaser 112(i)—violence in Amber—on YouTube (1’31”)

Teaser 113(i)—Dionysus and Cybele—on Vimeo (2’14”)
Teaser 113(i)—Dionysus and Cybele—on YouTube (2’14”)

Teaser 115(i)—three camera lenses—on Vimeo (1’29”)
Teaser 115(i)—three camera lenses—on YouTube (1’29”)

Teaser 116(i)—purrs like a rattlesnake—on Vimeo (0’57”)
Teaser 116(i)—purrs like a rattlesnake—on YouTube (0’57”)

Teaser 116(ii)—dried-out watercourses—on Vimeo (1’01”)
Teaser 116(ii)—dried-out watercourses—on YouTube (1’01”)

Teaser 116(iii)—the tower’s base—on Vimeo (1’23”)
Teaser 116(iii)—the tower’s base—on YouTube (1’23”)

Teaser 116(iv)—zigzagging outwards—on Vimeo (1’14”)
Teaser 116(iv)—zigzagging outwards—on YouTube (1’14”)

Teaser 117(i)—game-worlds unfold—on Vimeo (2’14”)
Teaser 117(i)—game-worlds unfold—on YouTube (2’14”)

Teaser 118(i)—knowledge of Downstairs—on Vimeo (0’58”)
Teaser 118(i)—knowledge of Downstairs—on YouTube (0’58”)

Teaser 119(i)—faces like cones—on Vimeo (1’35”)
Teaser 119(i)—faces like cones—on YouTube (1’35”)

Teaser 119(ii)—uncanny valley—on Vimeo (2’00”)
Teaser 119(ii)—uncanny valley—on YouTube (2’00”)

Teaser 120(i)—upside-down cake—on Vimeo (1’26”)
Teaser 120(i)—upside-down cake—on YouTube (1’26”)

Teaser 120(ii)—memory of woodlands—on Vimeo (0’56”)
Teaser 120(ii)—memory of woodlands—on YouTube (0’56”)


The above teasers for The Beasts of Electra Drive‘s Video-Book are here too:

And in the Vimeo showcase “Teasers for THE BEASTS OF ELECTRA DRIVE by Rohan Quine”.

And in the YouTube playlist “Teasers for THE BEASTS OF ELECTRA DRIVE by Rohan Quine”.

Here are the basics of what the novel is all about.

Here are some great reviews of it.

Buy The Beasts of Electra Drive in paperback or ebook or audiobook format.


To watch any of the 120 complete and unabridged mini-chapters of the novel’s video-book format (for which the above little video snippets on this page are just short teasers), see:
here for Part I (comprising unabridged mini-chapters 1–14);
here for Part II (comprising unabridged mini-chapters 15–35);
here for Part III (comprising unabridged mini-chapters 36–66);
here for Part IV (comprising unabridged mini-chapters 67–85);
here for Part V (comprising unabridged mini-chapters 86–107); and
here for Part VI (comprising unabridged mini-chapters 108–120).

Rohan Quine, 'The Beasts of Electra Drive' video-book - opening still for mini-chapter 86

Rohan Quine, 'The Beasts of Electra Drive' video-book - closing still for mini-chapter 50

Rohan Quine, 'The Beasts of Electra Drive' video-book - opening still for mini-chapter 109

IAN Book of the Year Awards 2018 - Rohan Quine's "The Beasts of Electra Drive" as Finalist in LGBT category

Buy The Beasts of Electra Drive in paperback or ebook or audiobook format.


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ROHAN QUINE (photo by Safeena Chaudhry)

ROHAN QUINE (photo by Safeena Chaudhry)

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