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Reality 1 / Manhattan roofscape at dawn

Rohan Quine - New York - Reality 1Reality 1 / Manhattan roofscape at dawn. For a flicker of those classic New York City water-tanks with conical tops, silhouetted on rooftops across the cityscape, as captured on soft-toned black-and-white silent film, this is me flitting around a Downtown roofscape at dawn.

This fragment of footage was a sweet little whim suggested by my friend Edward Vilga because he had an unused bit of old Super-8 celluloid that he felt it would be a shame to leave unexposed. So up the stairwell we headed, onto his Soho rooftop six storeys above the south-east corner of Prince Street and 6th Avenue, at a painfully early hour of the morning, some year in the early ’90s.

Google Maps’ 3D satellite view shows that those big silver pipes where I perched have all vanished now. But the gap in the roof’s eastern parapet is unchanged, through which I stepped onto the roof from a vertigo-inducing external fire-escape on that one occasion only. (36”)
(See video here.)


(This video is also on Vimeo and YouTube.)

Rohan Quine - 'Reality 1' 1
Rohan Quine - 'Reality 1' 3
Rohan Quine - 'Reality 1' 4
Rohan Quine - 'Reality 1' 5
Rohan Quine - 'Reality 1' 6
Rohan Quine - 'Reality 1' 7
Rohan Quine - 'Reality 1' 8
Rohan Quine - 'Reality 1' 9
Rohan Quine - 'Reality 1' 10
Rohan Quine - 'Reality 1' 11
Rohan Quine - 'Reality 1' 12
Rohan Quine - 'Reality 1' 13
Rohan Quine - 'Reality 1' 14
Rohan Quine - 'Reality 1' 15
Rohan Quine - 'Reality 1' 16
Rohan Quine - 'Reality 1' 17

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ROHAN QUINE (photo by Safeena Chaudhry)

ROHAN QUINE (photo by Safeena Chaudhry)

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