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Interviews 11

Rohan Quine - New York - Interviews 11Interviews 11. […And wittering about having won a Sinéad O’Connor look-alike contest in the East Village, an unexpected and spontaneous occurrence, but bizarrely fitting since I loved her music.] (1’32”)


[Text:] [Meira:] You played a Sinéad O’Connor look-alike.

That was the easiest $500 I’ve ever earned. I turned up at one and a half hours’ notice to this Sinéad O’Connor look-alike competition, which was a publicity stunt pulled for a music magazine. And there were only five other contestants: and (I kid you not) one of them was a guy with a beard; another one was a guy without a beard but with long dark hair; another was a woman, so that was a good start, but she had long blonde hair; and there was one other contestant only, who had shaved his head, but he didn’t look anything like Sinéad O’Connor. So there was no competition.

[Conversation on Maury Povich TV show.]
(See video here.)


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