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Rohan Quine - New York - Interviews 1Interviews 1. [Crapping on about New York.] (47”)


[Text:] It’s a place that you can never exhaust it, you can never beat it, it will always be cussedly and grindingly moving on and doing its own thing, as a town, and it’s very unforgiving and unaffectionate in many ways, and yet it’s got its own lovable logic to it, too. I love the running around through the subways, I love the endless to-ing and fro-ing and looking at the watch and planning things and running here and running there and getting to know the same steps here and there or at stations around town, and the intersections and the bustle and the people and the talk and the parties and the frenzy, you know.
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Rohan Quine - 'Maury Povich' 3
Rohan Quine - 'Culture Up' 2

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ROHAN QUINE (photo by Safeena Chaudhry)

ROHAN QUINE (photo by Safeena Chaudhry)

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