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(1) Zoolander

Rohan Quine - New York - Zoolander(1) Zoolander. As a snippety nightclub doorman named Malachi, giving a hard time to Ben Stiller as Derek Zoolander because he’s only last year’s male-model-of-the-year, in the feature film Zoolander directed by Ben Stiller, shot in Yonkers NY.

Any snippy little guestlist-wielding 1990s door-whore in NYC needed to be two things only: ALL THAT; and a bag of chips. In this scene, I was the bitchiest of a series of four successive doormen who guarded the doors of four increasingly exclusive nightclub rooms, each room being nested within the previous room, as in a Russian doll—the VIP Room, the VVIP Room (mine), the VVVIP Room and the VVVVIP Room. (The VVVVIP room was so exclusively tiny that pretty much only Winona Ryder and Owen Wilson could fit into it, crammed onto a small sofa that filled the entire room.) IMDb listing here. (26”)
(See video here.)


(This video is also on Vimeo and YouTube.)

Rohan Quine in 'Zoolander' 1
Rohan Quine in 'Zoolander' 3
Rohan Quine in 'Zoolander' 4
Rohan Quine in 'Zoolander' 5
Rohan Quine in 'Zoolander' 6
Rohan Quine in 'Zoolander' 7
Rohan Quine and Ben Stiller on the set of "Zoolander"
Rohan Quine and Ben Stiller on the set of "Zoolander"
Rohan Quine on the set of "Zoolander"
Rohan Quine on the set of "Zoolander"
Rohan Quine and Ben Stiller on the set of "Zoolander"


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ROHAN QUINE (photo by Safeena Chaudhry)

ROHAN QUINE (photo by Safeena Chaudhry)

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