Snippet from the upcoming Hollywood canyons novel, in indieberlin

I’m very grateful to ‎indieberlin‬, for revealing the first snippet of the upcoming Hollywood canyons novel (the novel’s actual title will be finalised a bit closer to its publication in 2016) at:

The Hollywood canyons novel will be a prequel to all five existing published tales. As such, it will reveal the origins of seven lead characters who appear in those tales. The particular snippet that indieberlin has kindly excerpted happens to be from mini-chapter 76 “Jaymi creates the Platinum Raven’s soundtrack”—part of the genesis of the character called the Platinum Raven, whose subsequent exploits unfold in The Platinum Raven only.

This is in connection with indieberlin’s pioneering underground celebration of literary love, the Indieberlin Book Fair this Saturday. It’ll be taking place in Berlin, and also via the literophone‬ (for which no booth could be too fluffy, as explained here).

The Hollywood canyons novel’s synopsis and strapline are at the bottom of this page.

Rohan Quine's Hollywood canyons novel in 'indieberlin' 1

Excerpt from Rohan Quine's Hollywood canyons novel in 'indieberlin' 2

Excerpt from Rohan Quine's Hollywood canyons novel in 'indieberlin' 3

Excerpt from Rohan Quine's Hollywood canyons novel in 'indieberlin' 4

Strapline for the Hollywood canyons novel

From Hollywood Hills mansions and Century City towers, to South Central motels and the oceanside refinery, the Hollywood canyons novel by Rohan Quine spans a mythic L.A., following seven spectacular characters (or Beasts) from games designer Jaymi’s created world. The intensity of those Beasts’ creation cycles leads to their secret release into real life in human form, and their combative protection of him from destructive rivals at mainstream company Bang Dead Games. A prequel to Quine’s existing five tales, the Hollywood canyons novel is a fast-paced and surreal explosion of glamour and beauty, horror and enchantment, celebrating the mechanisms and magic of creativity itself.

Synopsis of the Hollywood canyons novel

Jaymi is an independent games designer living on Electra Drive in the Hollywood Hills. Opposed to him are his former colleagues at the mainstream company Bang Dead Games. Their attempts to sabotage his own extravagant game-world creation have reached a point where they now threaten him physically as well as online.

Bang Dead is preparing the global release of a game called Ain’tTheyFreaky!, centring on a handful of tabloid-style social-media “Newsfeeds” that provide platforms for the victimisation of certain people at the hands of others—the “Gal Score”, the “Guy Score”, the “Trivia Score”, the “Arts Score” and the “Snuggle Score”. He decides he must fight back, to protect himself and get his own rich visions out there, as well as to mitigate the destructive and cheapening effects of Bang Dead’s game.

He therefore takes an irrevocable step: after creating Amber, the most dangerous of the characters (or Beasts, as he calls them) who will populate Jaymi’s own upcoming game project The Platinum Raven, he releases Amber from the confines of that game, in order to terrorise the offending Bang Dead employees in real life—notably the developer Dud, visual designer Kelly, IT boss Ashley and programmer Herb.

While Amber stalks those targets at their homes and workplaces, Jaymi creates a second Beast, the warm and humane Evelyn from another of his own upcoming game projects, The Imagination Thief. She too is released, to sabotage a Bang Dead venture in the physical world. As Jaymi’s output proliferates into three more games, called The Host in the Attic, Apricot Eyes and Hallucination in Hong Kong, he jumps headlong into the creation cycles and subsequent releases of five further highly-varied Beasts who will populate his games. These five are named Shigem, Kim, the Platinum Raven, Scorpio—and finally his own simulacrum, the Jaymi Beast.

After Jaymi survives a gun drone attack on him, the combined mission of his seven Beasts escalates, in the course of travelling inwards into Bang Dead’s games themselves. Having elevated one of that company’s games from inside the level of its own design, the Beasts then enter Ain’tTheyFreaky! at the level of its code and set about repurposing the actual substance of this globally prominent game, aiming to refine a powerful force of toxic destructiveness into one of creative enchantment.

Jaymi and his released creations pursue these conflicts across the mythic span of Los Angeles, from the palatial mansions of the Hollywood Hills, to the seediest blocks of Downtown; from the Century City towers, to South Central ghetto motels and the oil refinery beside the ocean.

Will what Jaymi has unleashed destroy him? Or will his created visions expand the possibilities of transmedia culture and the horizons of a generation? Grand spaces of beauty interlock with narrow rooms of terror, both in real life and in the incorporeal world of cyberspace, in the Hollywood canyons novel—a fast-paced and surreal explosion of glamour and beauty, horror and enchantment, exploring the mechanisms and magic of creativity itself.