// THE IMAGINATION THIEF — Literary Fiction with a touch of Magical Realism and a dusting of Horror

Transcription of the video “Back-cover paragraph of The Imagination Thief”

Transcription of the video “Back-cover paragraph of The Imagination Thief


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Alone in his skyscraper office one night, Jaymi is not expecting an experience that will transform his life and lead to two explosions of sound and vision that will electrify millions worldwide. This journey takes him first to a seaside ghost town, then to spy into the depths of seven varied human imaginations, plunging him into the most primal and intimate memories, fantasies, beauties and horrors within them. With him is his friend Alaia, whose unearthly wordless vocals combine with his gigantic flicker of visuals, from their hiding-place in the ruins of a grand hotel by the sea. Blackmailed into thieving the most private material he has found in those imaginations, they find a simmering web of secrets and provocations beneath the surface of this town, triggered by suspicions of his spying and stoked by pre-existing loves and hates. When this nocturnal brew erupts, resulting in two deaths, Jaymi finds himself at gunpoint, with his life and abilities endangered—leading him, Alaia and their attacker to the top of the shell of an oceanfront building at night, where a strange dance of power ensues.

Celebrating some of the more extreme possibilities of human imagination, personality and language, The Imagination Thief explores the many kinds of beauty living in people’s minds. It’s about the magic that can be conjured by images of people, in imagination or on film; and the split between beauty and happiness in the world; and the allure of various kinds of power, whether the currency of this power be corporate or gang-based, physical or onscreen. As mainstream literary fiction that draws upon magical realism, horror and humour, it shakes the bars of the universal human predicament wherein each of us is so richly imprisoned inside one unique mind, out of all the other minds where we might have been imprisoned instead.

Rohan Quine - The Imagination Thief - ebook cover (literary fiction, magical realism, horror)

Rohan Quine - "Back-cover paragraph of The Imagination Thief" - still (literary fiction, magical realism, horror)


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