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Reality 32

Rohan Quine - New York - Reality 32Reality 32. “Mallucinations”—me processed and reprocessed on screen, through the inspired creativity and unfailingly generous labours of my dear friend Mal, by means of an arcane and unrepeatably Malefic conjuration of analogue data cables that coiled like alien spaghetti behind the TV set at 400 East Ninth Street above the south-east corner of First Avenue, all dusted with that fine seasoning of dead roaches and stray nickels and lost crumbs of controlled substances that always accumulate on wooden floors behind TVs in old East Village apartments, however often one may flit about with the feather-duster and one’s little hoover-nozzle for just such awkward corners… (3’59”)
(See video here.)



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Rohan Quine

Rohan Quine

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