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The Beasts of Electra Drive’s video-book will premiere in Saint Pancras Clock Tower

On 18 August in the 10-metre-high bell-chamber of the Clock Tower Room, up in the Victorian Gothic tower above Saint Pancras station, there will be the premiere public screening from the upcoming video-book format of my novel The Beasts of Electra Drive.

There, Safeena Chaudhry and I shall be both doing live readings, too—mine from that novel, and hers from her novel Companions of Clay.

I’ll also be screening some of the films from my earlier novel The Imagination Thief, to which Beasts is a prequel.

The evening will be compered by novelist and poet Dan Holloway of Rogue Interrobang.

For more juice and sugar about what The Beasts of Electra Drive is all about, click here. For some great reviews of it, click here. And to buy it from whichever retailer you may fancy, click here for the paperback or here for the ebook.

The event will be the third anniversary celebration of Safeena’s organisation Novel London (under whose aegis The Beasts of Electra Drive had its recent bookshop launch alongside Dan’s co-launching title Kill Land, where he and I were compered by Jane Davis).

Looking forward to seeing you in the Clock Tower if you can make it. And be sure to take a look at these directions before you arrive, because they contain the simple but non-intuitive key of information that tells you where to find the street-level entrance, once you reach that glorious ornamental cake of a building: in short, head straight for the third arch to the right of the main entrance of the Renaissance Hotel, where you’ll find a door labelled “Saint Pancras Chambers”.

Tickets and many more details are available on Eventbrite at:


and on Meetup at https://www.meetup.com/Novel_London/events/252646079/

Saint Pancras Clock Tower, London

THE BEASTS OF ELECTRA DRIVE by Rohan Quine - video-book format - mini-chapter 3

THE BEASTS OF ELECTRA DRIVE by Rohan Quine - video-book format - mini-chapter 84

THE BEASTS OF ELECTRA DRIVE by Rohan Quine - video-book format - mini-chapter 43

Saint Pancras station

THE BEASTS OF ELECTRA DRIVE (novel) by Rohan Quine - paperback front cover and ebook cover (literary fiction, magical realism, horror)

ROHAN QUINE (photo by Safeena Chaudhry)

ROHAN QUINE (photo by Safeena Chaudhry)

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