Interviews 12

Rohan Quine - New York - Interviews 12[…And about writing.] (1’02”)

[Text:] [Meira:] You’ve got so many rave reviews since your book came out. NYweb says about you that “it’s one of those seminal works that goes on to be accorded the status of a classic,” and the New York Press said that “Sometimes Quine succeeds with things that you don’t think language can do,” and you were even compared to Anne Rice. That is so wonderful. How did all those reviews make you feel as a first-time author?

Very happy, it was sweet of them to write it.
(See video here.)

[Caeser:] Your book Hallucinations, is there anything you can tell us about that?

Well, the back cover calls it “an obsessive fantasy of dark androgyny, ironic horror and apocalyptic beauty”. It is just very highly coloured, very lurid, very fantastical, very I would say aggressively seductive and with a deliberately over-the-top perfect polish on its surface. Very compressed, as explosive and compressed and smooth as I can possibly get it.

It’s just that it’s so slow and lonely sitting writing, you know—I’d rather run around doing this!

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