Review of The Host in the Attic in Vine Leaves Literary Journal

Thank you to author Debbie Young for her generous review of The Host in the Attic:

and thanks to Vine Leaves Literary Journal and Jessica Bell for hosting it.

This novella is a hologram of Oscar Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Gray, digitised and reframed in cinematic style, set in London’s Docklands in a few years’ time. (It aims to ensure that after reading it, all future visits to one’s own attic, and all trips down thin corridors, will be traumatic ones.) In this little tale, high-flyer Jaymi discovers a secret novel online called The Imagination Thief, written by a woman named Alaia; and they meet and fall in love. In his attic he hides the prototype of a new worldwide Web-browsing hologram, for whose appearance he was the model. While this hologram deteriorates into ever more terrifying corruption, his own appearance remains forever sweet and youthful, despite his escalating evil … until the inevitable reckoning unfolds.

Links to all retailers of The Host in the Attic are here, and more reviews of it are here.


Debbie Young’s 'Vine Leaves Journal' review of Rohan Quine's 'The Host in the Attic' 1

Debbie Young’s 'Vine Leaves Journal' review of Rohan Quine's 'The Host in the Attic' 2

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