The Beasts of Electra Drive in “What’s Hot London?”

With its publication date occurring in April 2018, my novel The Beasts of Electra Drive hasn’t stepped out into visibility quite yet. But it is slowly beginning to peep out into the world, ahead of time, from one or two places here and there.

One place is in What’s Hot London?, a magazine that celebrates what’s going on culturally in this town. The Beasts of Electra Drive is mentioned in a piece that has just appeared there, called

“New Brit Novels With an Overseas Flavour”

—such international focus being a healthier approach than ever, in this era when myopic nationalisms seem to be enjoying a global resurgence. The overseas flavour in my book happens to be that exotic foreign civilisation known as … Los Angeles! (In particular the Hollywood Hills, whose culture really is pretty strange in some ways.) My thanks to @EddieSaintJean at @WHotLondon.

The Beasts of Electra Drive by Rohan Quine in "What’s Hot London?"

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Rohan Quine is an author of literary fiction with a touch of magical realism and a dusting of horror. He grew up in South London, spent a couple of years in L.A. and then a decade in New York, where he ran around excitably, saying a few well-chosen words in various feature films and TV shows (see, such as Zoolander, Election, Oz, Third Watch, 100 Centre Street, The Last Days of Disco, The Basketball Diaries, Spin City and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

He’s now living back in East London, as an Imagination Thief. His novel “The Imagination Thief” is published in paperback, and as an ebook containing links to film and audio and photographic content in conjunction with the novel’s text. See for some nice reviews in The Guardian, Book Muse, indieBerlin and elsewhere.

Four novellas – “The Platinum Raven”, “The Host in the Attic”, “Apricot Eyes” and “Hallucination in Hong Kong” – are published as separate ebooks, and also as a single paperback “The Platinum Raven and other novellas”. See for reviews of these novellas, including by Iris Murdoch, James Purdy, Lambda Book Report and New York Press.

All five tales aim to push imagination and language towards their extremes, so as to celebrate the beauty, darkness and mirth of this predicament called life, where we seem to have been dropped without sufficient consultation ahead of time.

His upcoming novel will be “The Beasts of Electra Drive”, a prequel to those five.

“Rohan Quine is one of the most original voices in the literary world today – and one of the most brilliant.” – Guardian Books blogger Dan Holloway

“The swooping eloquence of this book had me hypnotised. Quine leaps into pools of imagery, delighting in what words can do. The fact that the reader is lured into joining this kaleidoscopic, elemental ballet marks this out as something fresh and unusual. In addition to the language, two other elements make their mark. The seaside ghost town with echoes of the past and the absorbing, varied and rich cast of characters. It’s a story with a concept, place and people you’ll find hard to leave.” – JJ Marsh, Book Muse

“Quine is renowned for his rich, inventive and original prose, and he is skilled at blending contemporary and ancient icons and themes.” – Debbie Young, Vine Leaves Literary Journal

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